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During the opening, La Yuqawam opens up with sweet raspberry and saffron accompanied by an exceedingly sleek suede during the dry down. The incorporation of frankincense counterbalances the sweetness in the raspberry. In the two several hours of putting on this fragrance, I have already established which i desire donning this to Tuscan Leather-based.

Cheaping out is okay, I get it done myself and appreciate to secure a deal, but to become sincere LY is not likely that affordable. When two sprays of Tuscan Leather is sufficient to previous the full day (as it is for me) then 50ml will previous you fairly some time, especially when it isn't a every day wearer (as plenty of people I guess wouldn't with this sort of fragrance).

This, good friends, may not appear to be an enormous offer to you but, it veritably ailments our thoughts, pre-programming us with subconscious affinity in the direction of the merchandise, and Curiously, the affinity just isn't determined by real judgment or rational infrences but, whatever the individuals powering the products and solutions want us to believe that

It is a chilly weather fragrance only due to the fact I do think it would be to robust on incredibly hot times. Can have on with jeans or maybe a match. I find it irresistible! ten’s throughout the board, not a unisex fragrance to me.

To my nose This is often TL. plain and simple. I'm not mad with regards to the best. The raspberry is a little too intense for my flavor but that only lasts a couple of minutes and I love the center and foundation.

I love this fragrance, together with the Pour Femme and Tobacco Blaze; having said that I'd the exact same situation as beneath with leaky bottles. Not just a bit leaky - but substantial.

For me this was a blind acquire, and it paid off. I not have any need to get an entire-sizing bottle of TL. If you like TL, but want a smoother, a lot more rounded fragrance and don't want to tumble driving on hire, then go more info for LY.

Like a lot of fragrances of It is time it is very masculine with no doubt. It exudes self-assurance. i tried it and it took me a while to figure out why it smelled so much like another aged typical...Azzaro Pour Homme.

I do not know just about anything about TL, but Yuqawam is something special. The mix of leather and raspberry is excellent and very exceptional. It provides an excellent sensation, of a Exclusive person.

La Yuqawam and Cuoio actually strike me as being incredibly very similar, with LY currently being rather less synthetic plus much more effortlessly blended.

Upon intital spray it’s fairly robust, rather medicinal to my nose, but in a few minutes it melows down and the correct scent begins to come out.

I Totally adore this 1... It compares incredibly nicely to TF Tuscan leather as many people are expressing, I just uncover this a little bit smoother in a way however.

A contact stuffy. Almost certainly improved in official events. I like La Yuqawam. The scent is different than the usual great deal of what is on the market. Overall performance is solid and price tag just isn't too bad both. Awesome fragrance but I don't Imagine it can be bottle worthy for me. Glad I at last bought to sample this!

Wow i such as this fragrance just been given right now and It really is very similar to TL which i have I can not convey to the distinction between them the two only significant difference is the price tf tl £215. La yaquawam pour homme 60£

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